Friday, 9 May 2008

The Lights of the West End - Music by Winston Chesterfield


Trendy Jorge said...

Dear Winston,

If you are an amateur composer than most of the professionals I know should be searching for a new job.
This particular piece is brilliant. Very moving. The playing is also flawless. Congratulations.
I play the piano since I was 6 (Not professionally, tough, curiously I am also a lawyer) and I recognize real talent when I see it.
Please continue to post as often as you can. I think all your readers will thank you immensely.
Kind Regards


WinstonC said...

Thankyou very much Jorge! I smiled instantly at these pleasant words from you. I am very glad you like the music and I will certainly be posting more, when I have a little more time, very soon.



Ray Frensham said...

Enchanting. That is all: simply enchanting. Thank you.